The Nephitejnf Git-Hub

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Games not listed elsewhere

Adventure of Me

This was a small text-based java game I made. It isn't much, but was a start. It might have been a phase, too...


Rogue Colors: Back burner

This started out as a game idea, then turned into a game engine idea. I wanted it to be moddable like Dungeons of Dredmor, but I wanted simplicity. That turned into a roguelike engine based on simplicity.

Pokemon Bloodred: Back burner

This as a fan-game. It is done in RPG Maker XP with Pokemon Essentials GS.

A mysterious romhack with pokecrystal

It's a secret right now. I'll share more when further details are made.


Nothing here, yet. I'll find some.

Minor scripts

LDS Conference reader/listener: Complete/Broken

This is a tool, cause I wanted a light program that didn't require me visiting the site on my linux box. Got broken with recent upates to


Audio Player

Mass Downloader

I wanted to download a lot of maps for a game (Total Annihilation), so I made this. I came in handy with helping my mom get a bunch of images she needed.


Other Things

Weapons mod for minetest

Numix dark UI for Atom Editor

Some outdated dotfiles